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TrueBlue Car Doctor is a diagnostic device that is designed to find your car’s problems and give an instant alert. The device is linked to your smartphone or a tablet where it sends your car’s problems in a language that is easy for any driver to understand. Besides, the device allows you to know your car’s issues in time to avoid a breakdown and to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses by taking your car for a checkup.

The car diagnostic device enables you to identify the extent of your vehicle’s problem by interpreting the “Check Engine Light.” This saves you money, time and the need of making trips to your mechanic as you can use the device to determine the extent of the car issues on your own. Apart from checking the severity of the car problem, the device reminds you of your routine car maintenance and oil change.

TrueBlue Car Doctor is ideal for all types of vehicles. These include SUVs, Trucks, cars, as well as daily drivers and high-performance vehicles. This diagnostic device works by itemizing all repair problems in your vehicle. Moreover, the device is compatible and works well with Android, iPhone and other mobile devices.

TrueBlue Car Doctor Features

TrueBlue diagnostic device offers many unique features that help you to become a better driver and to determine the severity of your car’s problem personally. These include:

• Check Engine Light
Check Engine Light is one of the most important features that come with this device. The feature allows you to test the condition of your car by monitoring the problems that the diagnostic app has detected.

• Fuel and Oil Consumption Data
This feature allows to you analyze the fuel and oil efficiency of your car. Fuel and oil efficiency report can reveal an impending problem with your vehicle especially a hidden problem with the engine. Besides, the feature enables an automatic oil change to prevent your car from running out of oil without your knowledge.

• Maintenance Reminder Timeline
The maintenance Timeline feature allows you to receive a reminder of taking your vehicle for maintenance. This requires you to check the recommended time given by the car manufacturer and set the feature to send a reminder alert.

• Constant Monitoring
TrueBlue Car Doctor offers continuous follow-up to and will instantly alert you when it detects any issue with your vehicle. This assures you that your vehicle is always in good condition to allow you drive without any fears of any breakdown.

• Car History
TrueBlue Car Doctor keeps a record of all detected problems in your vehicle to ensure that you attend them all during your car’s maintenance. Maintaining a history of all identified problems can also allow you to determine a persistent problem and organize for a more specialized repair.

• Mileage Detector
The TrueBlue Car Doctor App algorithm helps in determining the mileage of your car. This enables it to give you an alert before you reach the mileage that is recommended for basic maintenance.

How do I Set up My TrueBlue Car Doctor?

Here is a systematic way on how to configure the TrueBlue Car Doctor.

1. Locate and Plug TrueBlue Car Doctor on the OBD-II Port: The process of plugging the device takes less than a minute and does not need any professional to fix.

2. Connect TrueBlue Car Doctor with your phone: The second step involves synchronizing the TrueBlue Car Doctor with the free diagnostic mobile app through Bluetooth.

3. Ready to Work: After synchronizing TrueBlue, Car Doctor is ready to work. You will now be able to receive frequent car condition updates.

Where Can I Buy TrueBlue Car Doctor?

You can quickly order TrueBlue Car Doctor from the manufactures website, www.truebluecardoctor.com or at Amazon.


• Offers continuous monitoring
• Detects vehicle mileage
• Gives all the current car parameters
• Easy to set up
• Cost effective
• Analyzes car’s efficiency
• Interprets the “Check Engine Light” data to information that is easy to understand
• Works on all vehicle types

• Compatible with vehicles manufactured after 1996 only
• Requires a smartphone or a mobile device that is Bluetooth to work


In conclusion, TrueBlue Car Doctor is a top product that can help you understand all your car problems on time without incurring any unnecessary expenses. This device gives a straightforward interpretation of the “Check Engine Data” and therefore is suitable for less experienced drivers. Besides, the device enables one to be a better driver by detecting and recording bad driving habits.

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