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Hostiles, The American western film is set to be released on 22nd December 2017 by Entertainment Studios in the USA. The director and author of the movie is Scott Cooper who scripts the movie based on Donald Stewart previous version of the story. The crew set to appear in the movie is Christian Bale, Ben Forster, Rosamund Pike, Adam Beach, Jesse Plemons and Rory Cochrane.

For the plot, the United States Army captain must escort a Cheyenne dying war chief together with his members of the family.

Hostiles Movie Review

The movie starts with an unpleasant site of a small baby getting shot. This depicts the brutal tone and cast of the movie. Back in Mexico, Rosalie home gets an attack from ruthless Comanches who mercilessly kills the whole family without even sparing the small baby. On her saddest moments of life, Rosalie encounters Blocker (army officer) who does not tolerate native Americans and has a habit of oppressing them. Blocker is assigned the duty of releasing and escorting dying Cheyenne Chief to his ancestral land in the valley of bears located in Montana for the purpose of his burial. Blocker prefers his case to be reviewed in martial court but later reluctantly takes the job. This is necessitated by the fact that he must be buried only in his ancestral land. The chief is released only due to political agenda. Kilcher and another soldier accompany the army officer. Blocker resolves to devote himself in helping poor Rosalie to be safe and to become her protector while getting help from other two soldiers.

Previously, chief yellow Hawk was a brutal and vicious killer but was attacked by cancer while serving a military term. His release seemed to have offended someone with tough principals like the Blocker. The bloodthirsty character of Blocker has been attributed to the fact that he had once been left to die with a spear inside his gut. Metz reveals that he was once a Confederate soldier but Blocker forgives him as he is a friend to him. The fact that he forgives Metz shows Blocker ability to forgive enemies without retaliation. Liberal diatribe is what Blocker is forced to endure while having a meal with lieutenant colonel McCowan Ross (Mullan Peter) as Robyn Malcolm shows a better and progressive view of the modern world.

The movie provides a widescreen imagery ranging beyond the monument of the de facto valley which is precisely on the western. Cooper not only scripted this movie in a slow and elegant pace but also largely gives the actors sufficient platform to employ their emotional and physical ability on the scene. Pike is a suffering a great loss of his family but still manages to go along with the escort team. She is strong emotionally as her feelings about the incident fade away and she emotionally progresses and feels much better.

The group comes along Ben Foster on the way who violates humanity by taking lives of people without any sign of remorse towards his actions. Ben Foster is a ruthless Indian-killer. Ben Foster is also a psychopath and proceeds to question heroism of Blocker. Blocker answers this complicated question by claiming that he is just doing his job.

Blocker and his crew embark on a gruelling and extraordinary lengthy journey. They encounter a lot of hardships and dangers to their lives including encountering Ben Foster who is a criminal and is a habitual killer. He is expected to pose a threat but they have a peaceful encounter.

On the last part of the film, Blocker is seen with civilians clothes while his uniform his nowhere to be seen. This depicts the great transformation and reforms he had gone through. It is hard to dispute that there is an emotional attachment that grows between Blocker and Rosalie despite the hardships of the journey.

Cooper intentions are relatively clear that he wanted to acknowledge somehow that white oppression is dissolved by the tenderness of Blocker and the growing affair between Rosalie and Blocker.

The movie illustrates humanity at the end as Blocker(Christian Bale), who had previously been associated with oppression of the native Americans somehow changes and showed some feelings towards the suffering human. The change of his attire from military with civilians also shows transformations in his life.

This movie is quite dramatic but is one to be watched because of the adventurous scenes employed in it.

Hostiles Movie Trailer

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