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If you are tired of watching the same TV series over and over again, we have good news for you. Black Lightning is here to stay for a long time, and you can have fun with it. This TV series will be released soon, and you can also watch it online.

Release Date

Black Lightning will be on in the first half of next year consisting of thirteen episodes. The CW will premier Black Lightning in America. Black Lightning is set to air on January 16 of 2018. The UK broadcasting should follow the US premier if things go as they are used to. Cress Williams will step into the shows as the famous Jefferson Pierce. James Remar a co-starred in Dexter on Showtime will be part of the crew acting as Peter Gambi. Peter Gambi is the oldest friend of Jefferson in the TV series.

Black Lightning might become part of Arrowverse down the road but for now, they don’t seem to be interested in this. Barry Allen might also be rubbing shoulders with Jefferson Pierce over time because the creators of Black Lightning did not rule out future crossovers. You might also be wondering about the things that make Black Lightning different from another TV shows out there. Black Lightning is a more serious TV show unlike Supergirl and others TV show that are similar. The theme is also set in an urban setting with the storyline centered in an urban case such as gang violence, street crime, and corruption.

The Plot

Jefferson Pierce has to deal with a secret, and he is truly wrestling with it these days. This man is the hero of his community because he is the principal of a high school and a father of two daughters. The high school building is a safe haven for many kids trying to escape from the gang violence that has just broken out in the streets. Nine years ago, Jefferson Pierce was called Black Lightning because he used his superhuman power to control electricity so that he could keep his hometown safe over time.

He was done with his work as a superhero and settle into a family life right away. His marriage to his wife suffered a lot in this period of time but Jefferson Pierce was happy anyway. He wanted to see how his daughters were growing. Jefferson Pierce was fighting crime long ago, and he thought that this period in his life was totally over. But he was wrong and he had to return to the fight over again. The reason was the corruption and crime were spreading like wildfire. Those he loved were in danger, and Jefferson Pierce had to do something about it.

Collectable Statue

Jefferson Pierce also has his very own collectable statue, and this is just part of the fun. A character such as this one deserves this and Jefferson Pierce should be very happy with this. The status has 12 inches. This stuff is totally dressed in the famous Black Lightning suit with the mask. He also has many lightning bolts just coming out of his hand. This is an outstanding statue that you have to see to believe. Cress Williams said that he was truly pleased of having a statue to his likeness. The statue itself is truly surreal and just a little overwhelming too.

Jefferson Pierce just reached the best-selling line with his statue and that’s just the beginning of the fun these days. You can even purchase the whole set and this will allow you to take your fun to the next level over time too. Jefferson Pierce is all about harnessing the power of electricity by harnessing his superhuman powers. Jefferson Pierce was a real-life hero who wanted to protect his community in a very real way. He did not want to be a superhero anymore but things went backward over time and he had to do something about it.

Black Lightning is just what the doctor ordered, and you can have a lot of fun with the plot. This outstanding TV series will provide amazing fun because it has been made with high-quality actors at all times. There are also collectable statues that you can purchased or view(if you couldn’t get your hand on one). As you can see, Black Lightning is truly an amazing TV series that will allow you to spend quality time with your family.


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