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Kevin’s original goal was to launch a hosting service that provide a complete solution for small to midsize businesses. Kevin wanted to name his business as F.A.I Hosting Solution. While on his quest to obtain adaquate programming skill and knowledge to program a web accountant software that he can combine with his hosting platform, Kevin recognized how valuable it is to be able to easily access the needed information that he requires to learn to be able to program his program. Also, on this quest, Kevin also found his own mathematical infinity formula and his own mathematical subtraction formula.

Kevin will always appreciate articles that are well written by their original author. Kevin does understand how much time it can take for an author to come up with a piece of original and quality content. Kevin also understand that it does require some time to gain a reader base. In Kevin’s thought, Kevin understands that by uniting contents from many authors in a single location can achieve a larger readership base, also, readers will have more options to explore after finish with one subject. Thus, intrigued by the idea, Kevin brainstorm his idea into a platform, which is Iblog.website. Kevin’s platform is simple, a place where authors can publish their contents and be found by readers while providing a fair environment for everyone.

Iblog.website was originally decided as a domain to serve the purpose of a subdivision of F.A.I Hosting Solution that would handle turnkey blog hosting services. Nevertheless, Iblog.website, now, is a platform where authors can share, republish, or publish their articles. F.A.I Hosting Solution was meant to be established before Iblog.website. Nevertheless, Kevin chose to establish Iblog.website first. At the time of this writing, F.A.I Hosting Solution has not been established. Kevin’s legal given name at birth is Khang H. Nguyen.


Currently we are moving our office. The primary reason is we can’t renew the lease on the office, when we have a new location we will give you an update on this. For secondary, our operation currently does not requires an office, by not having an office this will save us money and give us the ability to enhance our future operations.

Iblog.website E-mail: admin at iblog dot website.
Iblog.website Phone : +1-(604)-377-eight 3 seven 3


Iblog.website was establish and found by Kevin Nguyen in February 2017.

Iblog.website is a blogging platform that powered by WordPress. Iblog.website was build surrounding the concept of connecting readers to contents and providing a fair place for authors to showcase their original work.


  1. Provides readers with a vast amount of contents that are diversity in subject.
  2. Provides authors with an additional place to showcase their works to attract the extra visibility.
  3. Being able to provides benefits to authors that posted their articles on our platform.


With a diversity of article in one location we can attract and retain readership. Our motto for authoring is “We Share A Reader To Gain A Reader”.

For every article posted on our website, there would be one link that will link back to the author website.

Our promise from day one is to always share our advertisement placement revenue with authors for every article that posted on our website, for the lifetime of the article being on our site.

As of right now at the time of this writing, iblog.website is just less than one week old, please do understand that this can take three to six months for iblog.website to growth. Iblog.website’s goal is not just to have 10,000 visitors per day. Iblog.website was built with a goal to achieve million of readers per day.